Warby Parker brings out beauty

This September up-and-coming eyewear brand Warby Parker introduced nine new styles for its fall 2014 collection. The Fall Collection features classic and creative shapes to suit any personal taste.

Eyes are a beautifully unique quality. Through our eyes we speak. Through our eyes we express emotion. Through our eyes we view the world, and the world views us.

For me eyewear has always been a unique opportunity to make a fashion statementWhy blend in?

Stand out this fall with Warby Parker…

Image courtesy of Warby Parker.

Image courtesy of Warby Parker.

Image courtesy of Warby Parker.

Image courtesy of Warby Parker.

Or choose to be chic and sophisticated…

Image courtesy of Warby Parker.

Image courtesy of Warby Parker.

Image courtesy of Warby Parker.

Image courtesy of Warby Parker.

For the colorful, be bright

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 1.45.43 PM

Two new hues have been added this fall to Warby’s selection including Striped Pacific and Petal Tortoise (my favorite). Image courtesy of Warby Parker.

You can now flaunt your beauty in any of these fashionable frames starting at only $95 USD. And that’s not even the best part.

The socially conscious brand is making waves in the fashion industry, and it’s not just by offering designer styles at an affordable price. What’s most attractive about Warby Parker eyewear is the brand’s Do Good mission: Buy a pair, give a pair.

Let the world view your personality through an extraordinary pair of frames. Bring out your beauty this fall in Warby Parker eyewear.


Now trending… Athleisure

Recently it seems almost everyone is flaunting that I-just-came-from-the-gym look. I think it’s safe to say that athleisure is the current trend in casual style for men and women alike.

A few of my athleisure favorites.

A few of my athleisure favorites.

Wearing hot brands like Nike, Under Armour and Victoria’s Secret PINK – masses are strutting the streets styled as though they just came from yoga or spin class.

This article from The Business of Fashion discusses how the apparel industry has been affected by the trend. The New York Post explains how the athleisure trend has sent denim sales plummeting here.

Is athleisure just a fad or here to stay? What exactly is its allure? 

Some say the trend stems from a health movement in the U.S. More people are tying to fit that morning or evening workout into their routines. Why not look fashionable doing it?

Lou & Grey say athleisure is, “Clothing for a comfortably confident life,” according to this InStyle article. Well put – who doesn’t want comfortable couture?

Athleisure is here to stay this fall, so go ahead and guiltlessly peruse Net-A-Porter’s Net-A-Sporter

Be ready to get physical in athleisure-chic attire.



Four fall fashion must-haves

1. A killer jacket-jeans combo – A flexible look anyone can rock from day to night. So cool. 

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 1.28.43 PM

Photo credit: Fancy.com/Molliestock




2. Boots and booties – Because you need options for unpredictable fall weather. Many options.




3. Sweet shades – For those sunny walks (or drives) to class and work. Exchange that oversized beach pair for some Joel Goodson-style shades. 

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 1.28.29 PM



4. Animal print – Cheetah, leopard or zebra—take your pick. If you’re afraid to fully commit to this must-have, test out the trend by accessorizing with the print (think shoes, scarves, belts and bags).






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Power to the Pant

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 12.32.11 PMWhile hot summer days often have me reaching for dress after dress each morning; recently I’ve fallen back in love with… the pant. Although difficult for most petite women to wear well, the power of a good pant in the workplace is undeniable. When you find a fit and style that really works for your body, you feel empowered by the pant.

That feeling of empowerment allows you to not only do your job better, but to positively influence others in your environment. Fashion influences our attitude – not only at work, but in other environments we find ourselves in each day. The workplace is a key environment in which our attitude and aura really matter and affect our surroundings. 

There have been multiple articles written on the history of women’s dress in the workplace. What fashion item in particular gives us a sense of power? I argue that the pant is the key piece in a wardrobe that speaks power in the workplace.

One of my favorite aspects of the pant is that it speaks power in different volumes. You can choose a classic black, navy or grey – or be bolder and louder with various prints, a solid purple or bright red. The decision is yours, and you can choose how powerful the pant makes you feel.

This fall I urge you to stow away easy flirty dresses for a week or two, and place yourself in a power piece. Take charge subtly or in a not-so-subtle way. You have access to the power if you wear the right pant. 

Possess that power stance.


A different detox

I recently came across an online Vogue article, “4 Healthy Changes Worth Making Now: From Power Breakfasts to Super Sleep,” that covered a few simple habits just about anyone looking to improve personal health can take on. 

Writers Jessica Kerwin Jenkins, Leslie Camhi, Claire Dederer and Ginny Graves describe better breakfasts, sleeping sounder, mixing up workouts and – my favorite – a “digital detox” in the article. 

While each of the article’s short segments offer healthy advice, I believe the digital detox described may be the most beneficial in our busy lives. I would venture a bit beyond what the segment describes and suggest detoxing from all devices for one day each week. I realize how daunting this may sound, but I speak from experience…

Last weekend I found myself on a mini-vacation with a group of dear girlfriends whom I spend time with maybe once or twice a year. We met during our freshman year of college; and although our lives have taken us down many different paths, we still make time in our schedules to regroup ourselves to do some much needed catching up. 

It was a wonderful weekend in which I had limited-to-no cell service as a result of our geographic location. Surprisingly, I loved it. Free of my iPhone and all social media for 24 hours was quite an experience – a digital detox indeed.


Five bags for fall

Hello fashionistas. Allow me to present to you five fall bags perfect for any college student. BTSSS – that’s back-to-school shopping season – has already begun! I’ve selected five functional and fashionable bags that are sure to help you start out the upcoming semester stylishly.

  1. Be cute with Storenvy’s floral bow and lace design. What girl can say no to lace and bows? This bag has a touch of leather for durability and lace pockets—love.
  1. Be preppy with this ByGoods’ backpack that doubles as a shoulder bag. How chic! My favorite option is the light-blue shade. This is definitely a must-have for any Friday or evening class—no need to switch bags before your dinner date.
  1. Be bold with one of Roxy’s printed bags. With so many styles to choose from you’re sure to fall in love with one, two or three. A more traditional backpack is perfect for a long day of classes or a study date at the library.
  1. Be smart with Francesca’s Hampton Lock Tote. A necessity for any young-professional-to-be, this bag is perfect for class or the office. You’ll look chic, smart and ready to ace any test or job interview.
  1. Be free with ASOS’ Embroidered Floral Print Holdall. Great for any campus girl that needs a getaway weekend with friends or family. Following midterms you can stowaway in style for some much needed R&R.

These five fall bags are perfect for any college occasion and budget. For more fall fashion ideas check out my Pinterest board The Wishlist. Happy BTSS everyone!

My go-to Steve Madden bag is perfect for the classroom or office.

My go-to Steve Madden bag is perfect for the classroom or office.


My current obsession… Preserve

Blake Lively’s new lifestyle site Preserve.us launched last week, and reviews of the site are mixed. Personally, I’m in love. Preserve really is everything – style, home goods, wellness, design, eats and best of all stories.

The stories Preserve shares easily make the site one of the most unique and interesting lifestyle sites I’ve yet to view and read. While some articles poke fun at the design and writing style of the site – I disagree. Preserve feels like a warm home. Its stories are about real people, real crafts and real life. Goop is cute and all, but Preserve is delightfully different and in the most unassuming way.

If you still haven’t opened a new tab in your browser to checkout Blake’s site – please do so now. Preserve’s motto is simply great, “… all of us, together, championing the goods, makers and legends that instill meaning inside the moments of our lives.” If the editor’s letter doesn’t make you want more, this story on the lost art of ice-cream sundaes will. After my first read of Blake’s letter (yes, I read it twice) I immediately followed Preserve on all social media platforms and subscribed via email. You could say I fell fast… but you can judge me after you spend your lunch break or evening perusing Preserve.



Rebel Yell

The end of July is almost here, and I’m beginning to feel a sort of summer-fever. The urge to pack a suitcase and drive to the nearest beachside location meets the urge to get down to business and hit the books…

Although I love the effortless attitude of summer, I often tend to become restless and in search of stability, schedules and structure. Apprehensive feelings about my upcoming fall (and final!?) semester of college – as many graduates can probably relate – have left me quite hungry… famished actually.

I’m hungry and ready to devour fall’s challenges. I’ve become bored with effortless summers, and I’m starving for experience…

I earnestly look forward to all the future holds – despite my apprehensiveness. This month my summer-fever has had me in search of some inspiration and strength. I found a bit of needed encouragement in this month’s Vogue cover – starring Lupita Nyong’o. The 31-year-old actress has only recently lost her anonymity; although it’s safe to say she’s always had that star quality. Nyong’o serves as a reminder that good things often take time. At all stages of life we must remember that patience is key, and the greatest successes in life are worth being patient for. Continue reading

Go naked

Mid-summer is approaching, and temperatures are heating up. Sunbathing in this season’s hottest bikinis may give you some relief, but it’s time to give your nails some air (and sun) too. After all the buzz created over gel-manicures and gel-polishes that are proven to be damaging to layers of natural nail and the nail bed (oh the things we do for fashion) going naked may also be a step in a healthier direction.

These five steps for baring it all will get your nails in shape before sunbathing season comes to a close. 

1. Take your vitamins. Good health comes from within. Complement smart eating with a multi-vitamin each day. For an added boost to your nails’ health consider taking biotin or a prenatal vitamin as both are proven to enhance nail strength and growth. (Your skin and hair will reap the benefits too!)

2. Undress. It’s time to remove that enamel and renew those tips. Begin by using a gentle polish remover such as a non-acetone brand. I’m a fan of Zoya’s Remove Plus formula, which conditions nails during each use.

3. Shape up. There’s more than one way to file your nails. For inspiration try searching YouTube for nail filing how-to’s, and if you’re still at a loss Pinterest never lacks DIY nail shaping ideas, tips and tricks. The best part of this step is that you won’t need to invest in a pricey product. Most nail files are inexpensive and can be purchased at just about any drugstore.

Continue reading

Fashion-film of the summer: Yves Saint Laurent

Ever wish you could peak into the life, love and work of a revolutionary designer? Look no further than this recent film – Yves Saint Laurent – which recently made its U.S. debut in May.  

NPR’s special correspondent Susan Stamburg gives listeners a preview of the film in her commentary “The Turbulent Love Story Behind Yves Saint Laurent’s Revolutionary Rise.” Yves Saint Laurent is this summer’s must-watch film for designers and fashionistas alike.